This Takeout Service Will Also Feed Your Dog

Foodora is a new food delivery service in Australia that also offers literal doggy bags for your canine friends

Now you won’t have to deal with your pup begging for scraps. 

There are so many new delivery services out there, from the gourmet like Caviar to the local celebrity chef brand like David Chang’s Maple.And now there’s even a food takeout service for you and your dog. Foodora is a new delivery app launching in Australia that allows customers to add a literal doggy bag to their orders for their pups to eat as well.

Right now, Foodora’s unique new feature is being tested out in Sydney and Melbourne this week, with restaurants Dulcis Domus, Pizza Autentico, Hannibal, Italian Bar, Naked Chicks, Italian Chef, Laksa Bar, and more local restaurants participating, according to Mashable.


The "My Dog doggy bag” comes with either Angus beef, pasta, and carrots; or free-range chicken, brown rice, and vegetables. These aren’t homemade dishes, however. They’re just cans of dog food, which you could probably just buy for your dog at the grocery store, but at least this way your dog will be able to feel included.