Taco Bell Will Introduce the Quesalupa to Menus Nationwide

Ohio loved the Quesalupa, and now you can too

The ‘cheese-lover’s shell’ is coming to Taco Bell locations across the country. 

After one of the most successful testing periods in history, according to Taco Bell, the company has confirmed that it has plans for a nationwide release of the Quesalupa, the “cheese-lover’s shell” that contains beef, tomatoes, lettuce, Cheddar, and sour cream.

And in case you can’t decipher the word, that’s a combination of the quesadilla and the chalupa.

Earlier this year, when it was discovered that the item was being tested in Toledo, Ohio, Taco Bell fans expressed not a small amount of desire for the Quesalupa to go nationwide, with one person writing on Twitter, “The Quesalupa is proof that God exists and wants us to have nice things.”

Another person wrote in warning, “Toledo better not screw this up.”


There’s no word yet on when the nationwide release is scheduled to take place, but be patient — the company is also testing out a whole range of alcoholic slushies called “Twisted Freezes.”