Taco Bell Is Testing a Portable, Pizza-Shaped Quesadilla

The Grande Quesadilla Slice has been spotted in Eaton, Ohio

Is this the optimal form for on-the-go quesadilla enjoyment?

First there was Domino’s India’s burger-shaped pizza, and now Taco Bell has created a pizza-shaped quesadilla.

The Grande Quesadilla Slice, spotted in Eaton, Ohio, is a new test item that takes a classic Taco Bell quesadilla and makes it more portable and convenient for on-the-go eating.

The new menu item has the same filling as a regular quesadilla: chicken or steak with a three-cheese blend and creamy jalapeño sauce. Instead of a regular tortilla, a diamond-shaped flour tortilla is folded in half to create a triangular slice, Brand Eating reported.

The Grande Quesadilla Slice costs $2.49, and is also available in a Big Box with a Burrito Supreme, Crunchy Taco, and medium fountain drink for $5.

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