Taco Bell Jewelry: The Perfect Last-Minute Holiday Gift

Taco Bell rings, hot sauce pins, and taco-shaped earbud holders can be surprisingly chic holiday gifts

If you bite it, then you shoulda put taco ring on it.

Fast food and junk food accessories are the surprisingly fashionable trend of the moment. It started with Pizza Hut, who began offering pizza-printed scarves and yoga pants last year. Now, you can dust yourself with Cheetos bronzer (or splurge on Chester’s $20,000 ring), and Taco Bell is getting in on the action with rings and hot sauce pins.

The Taco Bell name rings come in a set of two for $25 (one says taco, the other says bell), and emulate popular name rings on the market today. You can also get a black version of the ring that says “live mas.” 


If jewelry doesn’t strike your fancy, you could always snag yourself a taco earbud holder, hot sauce beach blanket, Taco Bell temporary tattoos, or a Taco Bell backpack.