Taco Bell Gets Mathematic With New Triple Double Crunchwrap

Taco Bell just announced a triple double Crunchwrap Supreme triple the size of the original, defying logical tortilla numbers
That’s six layers of beef and cheese, in case you weren’t counting.

Taco Bell

That’s six layers of beef and cheese, in case you weren’t counting.

There’s more to Taco Bell than just midnight runs with friends and ridiculous fast food breakfasts. Now the most ubiquitous Mexican food chain in America is teaching us math: Taco Bell is releasing a Triple Double Crunchwrap, which is described as similar to the Triple Crunchwrap, but with double the beef, cheese, and crunchy tortilla shell.

So get out your calculators: We’re problem-solving with a hangry purpose. The Triple Double Crunchwrap features a “double layer of seasoned beef, a double layer of nacho cheese sauce, and a double layer of crunchy tostada shell.” That’s six layers of Taco Bell filling to contend with for only a few bucks. You can also get it extra spicy by adding fresh jalapeños and spicy ranch sauce for $3.49.

If you’re really feeling hungry, you can get the Big Box, which includes a regular or spicy Triple Double Crunchwrap, a Doritos Locos taco, a crunchy taco and one medium drink for $5.

The newest additions to the Taco Bell menu come out this weekend on July 17.

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