Taco Bell Is Debuting Breakfast Taco Shells Made From Fried Eggs

Ever since Taco Bell debuted its first breakfast item a few years ago, they've been raising the bar for morning fast-food innovations. This spring, the taco chain is set to debut a few more new items, including taco shells made out of fried eggs and a new croissant-burrito hybrid.

The Naked Breakfast Taco is stuffed with sausage or bacon, nacho cheese, a three cheese blend, and potatoes, with none of that pesky bread to get in the way. You can also have the option to "dress up" the whole concoction in a standard gordita soft shell.

The Naked Breakfast Taco launches on April 18, along with the Croissant Burrito, a breakfast burrito that uses the flaky, crusty dough of a croissant in place of a tortilla.

If you're not into breakfast as much, Taco Bell has something else up their sleeves: topping their original Mexican pizza with fried chicken. Yes, they really did that. It's like the Naked Chicken Chalupa but slathered in nacho cheese, Mexican pizza sauce, three cheese blend, and pico de gallo instead.