A Swiss McDonald’s Accidentally Screened Pornography for Evening Customers

A small-town McDonald’s accidentally broadcasted porn after a sports program

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

A representative for McDonald's said that the mistake was understandable and reflected the staff's focus on their customers. 

The staff of a McDonalds in Switzerland has apologized after the restaurant accidentally aired “hardcore pornography to late-night diners,” reports The Daily Mail.

The McDonald’s in Zuchwil, Switzerland was reportedly playing a German television channel on mute, which followed an evening program of sports with “Sexy Sports Clips,” which contained mature content. Without sound, the staff apparently took some time to notice the error.

'We were only a group of men so it didn't bother us, although what would have happened if there was a family in the restaurant at that time I don't know,' Steffen Reiniger, a 24 year-old diner told The Daily Mail.

 A spokesman for McDonald’s, Aglae Strachwitz told the publication that the staff was unaware that the station aired pornography and that the mistake was understandable.

“If our employees didn't immediately realize what was going on it's because they were concentrating on our customers and their work,” Strachwitz told The Daily Mail

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