Sweden's Future Princess Was Once A Waitress At Serafina In New York City

Sofia Hellqvist, the 30-year-old model who is due to marry Sweden's Prince Carl Philip this Saturday, June 13, was once a beloved waitress at Serafina, an Italian restaurant in New York City.

"I remember her very well because she always had the best attitude with the customers and a really beautiful smile," Serafina co-owner Fabio Granato told Page Six.

"If I was having a bad day, all I had to do was look at her, and I would feel better because she is the type of girl who is always happy and uplifting. She has a calming effect on people."

The restaurant, where Hellqvist worked between 2005 and 2007, has reportedly remained in touch with the soon-to-be princess, and wishes her well.

"We're so happy that she is getting married and going to be the princess of Sweden," said Granato. "She always brought so much good energy to Serafina, and I'm sure she will be great for the entire country."