SushiSamba’s New Dessert Menu Combines Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian Culture

Desserts were created by SushiSamba’s executive pastry chef and ‘confectionary creative’ Michael Outlaw

The Soy “Cloud” “re-imagines Japanese soybean,” and features graham crumbs, strawberry gelée, and mango passion sorbet.

SushiSamba NYC has launched a new dessert menu created by executive pastry chef Michael Outlaw that are seasonally inspired and influenced by Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian culture.

On the inspiration behind the new menu, chef Outlaw tells The Daily Meal, “I wanted to create a menu inspired by SushiSamba's tri-cultural coalition, incorporating a variety of ingredients, tastes, and textures. One of my goals was to transform traditional Japanese ingredients — soy and matcha, for instance — in non-traditional ways.”

Outlaw continues, “Paying homage to Japan, the 'Kinako' Tiramisu incorporates roasted soybean powder, the Soy ‘Cloud’ re-imagines Japanese soybean, presenting it in the form of a sweet, yet savory treat, and the Matcha + Raspberry showcases one of the most well-known Japanese ingredients — matcha — in the form of sponge cake. I also wanted to offer guests lighter options so that they could sample and share several desserts.”


Also on the dessert menu is a Pineapple-Coconut Tres Leches, which features tres leches cake, toasted almond cream, pineapple confit, and pineapple-coconut sorbet.