Subway Adds ‘Tacos’ to Their Menus in Japan

Just because it has ground beef doesn’t mean it’s a taco

The Subway Taco is availalbe in Japan until August.

The general consensus is that tacos are usually made with meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese, all contained in either a hard tortilla shell or a soft flour or corn tortilla — that’s something most of us can agree on. Subway Japan has a different approach, however.

The chain’s Japanese outposts have introduced a Subway Taco, which does not look like a taco at all. The concoction is made with ground beef, spicy salsa, and the cheeses and veggies of your choice, including cucumbers and pickles, if you so desire. What’s more, it’s folded into a flatbread — unheard of!

At least these look remotely like tacos. At Subway Norway, you can get a Taco Sub stuffed with ground beef, tortilla chips, and salsa — with veggies and regular Subway bread.


The Subway Taco is being offered along with a limited trio of spicy subs, including Grilled Tandoori Chicken and Shrimp Avocado Salsa sandwiches. These limited-edition menu items will be available through late August.