Stephen Colbert Takes Over Food Truck Outside RNC

The renowned funnyman was recently spotted in the window of the Wrap it Up food truck serving customers

Apparently, laughing isn't Colbert's only skill.

Stephen Colbert has made quite the splash at this year’s Republican National Convention. On Sunday, he crashed the stage, hijacking the microphone in outlandish garb (inspired by Stanley Tucci’s character Caesar Flickerman from The Hunger Games) to mock Dontald Trump. Then, he teamed up with old friend Jon Stewart to mock the “Trumpiness” of the convention on Monday’s edition of the “Late Show.”

However, his latest act has nothing to do with politics. Instead, he stepped out of the convention to show that he’s an excellent cook—at least, according to his new co-workers.

On Sunday night, Colbert got into the Wrap it Up food truck and helped the workers outside of the RNC area cook and serve. As this video shows, Colbert spent time operating the window of the truck, gleefully distributing food to unwitting customers, laughing in surprise.


Colbert is in Cleveland for the RNC, which will wrap up July 21. During the RNC (and the DNC in Philadelphia next week), Colbert’s show will be aired live.