Starbucks and Evolution Fresh Now Make Individual Fruit-on-the-Bottom Greek Yogurts

The coffee company has partnered with Dannon to sell Greek yogurt in grocery stores

The Starbucks Greek yogurts are  nonfat and have fruit on the bottom.

Starbucks is going Greek — with their yogurt, that is.

The coffee company teamed up with Dannon Co. to create individual packs of Evolution Fresh Greek Yogurt. The new nonfat yogurts will have fruit on the bottom, just as other Dannon yogurts do. Flavors include black cherry, blueberry, pineapple passion fruit, and raspberry blackberry.

The yogurts will have no added colors or flavors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. Jeff Rothman, vice president of innovation and marketing at Dannon, told Food Business News, “It’s the mildest Greek yogurt we make, and in our testing the mildest Greek yogurt we have found in the marketplace.”

These individual yogurts come in clear cups. They are also 120 calories per container, and contain mostly natural ingredients.

Starbucks and Dannon teamed up to make Evolution Fresh yogurt parfaits and smoothies using Greek yogurts earlier this year. The yogurt parfaits come in dark cherry, fresh berries and honey, and strawberry flavors, and are topped with granola.


Dannon also makes Activia, Light & Fit, Oikos, Creamery, and Danimals yogurts.