A Sriracha Quesarito Is Headed To Taco Bell

In a partnership so fitting that we can't believe it took so long, Taco Bell and Sriracha have finally come together to launch the Sriracha Quesarito, available as of Thursday, February 26.

The Quesarito, featuring a "Sriracha Crema," will be available in beef, shredded chicken, and steak.

"Sriracha Crema will be the spiciest sauce in our restaurants, so we're looking forward to seeing what other menu items people will pair this sauce with," announced Taco Bell. In other words, everyone knows how much you love putting Sriracha on everything because so does everyone else.

 As of Thursday, customers will be able to pick up the new Quesarito in stores as well as order it via the Taco Bell mobile app.

On Thursday, the company will also launch its newest Freeze flavor, Snapple Lemonade, because Taco Bell knows its customers will want a new beverage to pair with the latest menu innovation. If the Sriracha Crema is as spicy as promised, you'll need it.