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'Soup Nazi' Company Files for Bankruptcy, but There Will Still Be Soup for You

The company filed for bankruptcy after its CFO failed to pay Medicare, Social Security, and federal income taxes for employees
An Interview with The Soupman

The Daily Meal's Brian Sheehan talks with The Original Soupman from the hit TV series Seinfeld.


Ozgur Coskun / Shutterstock

The company’s soup will still be available in stores.

Soupman Inc., a New York-based soup company that gained traction due to the TV show Seinfeld, has recently filed for bankruptcy. The news comes shortly after the company’s chief financial officer Robert Bertrand was charged for federal tax evasion, USA Today reported.

The company licenses the name and recipes of Al Yeganeh, the Original Soupman, who inspired Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi” character and his catchphrase: “No soup for you!”

On Tuesday, the company filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition stating that Soupman has an estimated debt between $10 million and $50 million. While the company has filed for bankruptcy, chief executive officer Jamie Karson announced that its products — including jambalaya, lobster bisque, and chicken gumbo — will still be available in stores.

“The combination of legacy liabilities and recent company developments have made it necessary to seek bankruptcy protection,” Karson said in a statement. “This will ensure that our delicious soups remain on grocery shelves throughout the country, which is in the best interests of all our stakeholders and customers.”


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