Someone Stole $1,100 Worth of Ice Cream and Popsicles From Brooklyn Ice Cream Trucks

Hide your kids, hide your ice cream
Brooklyn’s Ice Cream Thief

Photo Modified: Flickr/Britta Fahrm/CC 4.0

Someone stole more than $1,100 in ice cream, popsicles, toppings, and more from ice cream trucks in Brooklyn.

A thief took off with more than $1,100 worth of popsicles, ice cream cones, and toppings from ice cream trucks in Brooklyn’s Waterfront District.

Police said that the ice cream robber raided the ice cream trucks, which were parked in a private lot on Sackett Street, between 1 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. on August 2. The thief — or thieves — stole $1,100 worth of Good Humor ice cream pops, $140 of ice cream cones, $82 of Yogolicious ice creams, and $30 of almond and marshmallow toppings.

Though the ice cream robber may have been partially motivated by hunger, he or she also stole a $400 Sony television, an “ice cream product” worth $500, and more than $2,200 in cash and coins.


Back in July, two teenagers broke into ice cream trucks to steal ice cream, but were caught after they broadcasted the robbery on Periscope. For the sake of ice cream and frozen treats everywhere, we hope the thief is caught and that his or her ice cream always melts.