Someone Created Sriracha Salt, and You Can Buy It for $10

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It’s travel-sized, too. 

If you are one of those people who just doesn’t feel whole without the burn of sriracha in your body, someone has come up with yet another way to cover your food in the now-ubiquitous flavor booster — Sriracha salt.

“Our Sriracha salt is spicy, garlicky, and beautifully complex,” Stiff Salt Co. promises.

“It is a perfect addition to pretty much any dish. Seriously. Any dish. Wake up to fried eggs and Sriracha salt, throw it on popcorn, or kick back and relax with a Sriracha salt rimmed Caesar.” 

Although we haven’t tried Sriracha salt for ourselves yet, the reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive, with one person calling it “godly,” another effusing “so good I just can’t even,” and one person swearing, “This salt has changed my life.”

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If you’re interested, Stiff Salt also makes a salt called Shichimi Togarashi, based on the popular Japanese spice mixture that is often used to flavor different soups and noodles.