Someone Came Up with the Best Way to Eat Nutella

We’re all about dipping our finger into a Nutella jar without the mess
Nutella Finger Biscuits

Italian designer Paolo Ulian came up with these finger biscuits for an exhibition in Milan, Italy.

This biscuit invention is so clever and has been getting a lot of attention on the internet lately — we wish we would have thought of it.

Italian designer Paolo Ulian created finger biscuits, which allows someone to wear it like a thimble and dip it into a jar of Nutella. Not only do you get to enjoy biscuit-covered Nutella, but you don’t have to worry about messy fingers. Genius!

Ulian premiered this invention at the Pappilan exhibition in Milan, Italy in 2004 to showcase innovative projects. Ferrero, Nutella’s parent company, purchased the finger biscuit in 2006.

“This cookie is not born to keep in our hand, but to wear as a thimble, and then enjoy it in one mouthful together with our favorite cream,” Ulian’s website says.

Of course, this biscuit is not limited to Nutella. You could dip it in whatever you desire — almond butter, Marshmallow Fluff, or even condensed milk! The sky’s the limit. Nutella is just the best option.

Not only can you dunk your finger into a Nutella jar, but you could also scrape the bottom of the jar with it to make sure you get every last drop of chocolate-hazelnut spread. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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