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Smarter Debuts ‘FridgeCam,’ a New Gadget That Will Save Consumers Money and Food

Peek into your fridge, no matter where you are

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The Smarter app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The Consumer Technology Association’s yearly conference features innovative gadgets from smart scales to health and fitness tracking apps. This year at the tech trade show in Las Vegas, Smarter debuted its “FridgeCam,” a wireless refrigerator camera that tracks and notifies consumers through the Smarter app of foods that are about to expire, according to the company website.

Other features include the ability to track the contents of your fridge and add them to shopping lists when they're running low; send reminders of items you need when you’re near a convenience store; alert you when the fridge temperature is out of ideal range; and provide recipes that include items nearing their expiration date.

The FridgeCam is more than a new gadget, but a way to address the global food waste crisis.

“We created the FridgeCam to not only save people money, time, and energy, but also tackle food waste head-on in the process,” Christian Lane, creator of Smarter, said in a statement. “In the U.S., average households can waste anywhere between $1,365 to $2,275 of food every year.”

The FridgeCam is currently available online for pre-order for around $125, and will officially launch in spring 2017.


Other Smarter products include the iKettle and Smarter Coffee Machine, which can both be accessed wirelessly through the Smarter app.