Shake Shacks in New York Raises Burger Prices to Increase Employee Wages

Some menu items have increased by as much as 1.8 percent

Some manager salaries also increased above the proposed federal overtime limit of $47,476.

Employees in the fast-food industry and other low-wage jobs have been fighting for an increase in wages through nationwide protests, such as November’s “Day of Disruption,” among other measures. Shake Shack is helping with the “Fight for $15” mission by increasing the wages of its employees, but the tradeoff is to increase the prices of a few menu items.

“The moderate price increases reflect our continued commitment to lead with hospitality, pay above minimum wage, and provide our team with real career growth opportunities,” Laura Enoch, a spokesperson for the company, wrote in an email to Eater.

Shake Shack employees have received 50-cent wage increases and now have an hourly rate of $12.50 per hour, which is above the nationwide fast-food minimum wage of $9.50.

The price for the ShackBurger has increased 10 cents to $5.39 in areas like Long Island, New York, and New Jersey. In larger cities, such as New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, the ShackBurger price has increased by 26 cents to $5.55.


The Chick’n Shack also saw a price hike of 26 cents to $6.55 in New York City and the Shack Stack increased by 36 cents to $9.95.