Is Shake Shack Working on a Chicken Sandwich? Signs Point to Yes

The company recently filed to trademark the term ‘Chicken Shack’

Please be fried, please be fried, please be fried. 

Shake Shack, the burger company that’s made Danny Meyer a very, very happy man, has filed to trademark the name “Chicken Shack,” which would seem to suggest that the company is testing out a chicken sandwich for its menu. Not to speak for everyone, but here’s hoping it’s fried.

Up until now, the company has focused solely on burgers, but now is a particularly good time for Shake Shack to expand its offerings, as its stock continues to outperform expectations (it’s up 20 percent this week alone)

On Wednesday, May 20, the company reopened its beloved flagship in Madison Square Park, complete with an exclusive ParkBurger for the location and a collaborative beer with Brooklyn Brewery.

Shake Shack has not confirmed any details about the possible chicken sandwich.


“Shake Shack was born from a fine-dining company, and we constantly test new menu items in our test kitchen,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday. “We have no new items to announce at this time, except for the new ParkBurger at New York's Madison Square Park, which reopened today.”