Shake Shack Goes Gluten-Free

Shake Shack is rolling out gluten-free buns to expand its menu options to gluten- and wheat-sensitive burger fans

It’s about time Shake Shack hopped on the gluten-free bandwagon. 

Finally, sufferers of celiac disease and gluten-sensitive burger fans will be able to try Shake Shack burgers without fear (or a “hold the bun!” order). Shake Shack is rolling out gluten-free buns to all seven of its Washington, D.C.-area locations starting this week.

If the gluten-free test is successful, they will appear on more Shake Shack menus nationwide. Unfortunately, they’ll cost you $1 more than a regular glutinous bun.

Shake Shack is also testing out half-bottles of prosecco on its beer and wine menus at select locations nationwide. The sparkling wine will cost you $15, a pretty penny for a fast-food beverage. 


Five Guys, Elevation Burger, and Burger Tap and Shake already have gluten-free burgers. At In-N-Out, you can order your burger “protein style” — wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun (the same goes for Bare Burger locations).