Sex Offender Jared Fogle Was Reportedly Bloodied and Beaten in a Prison Brawl

Ex-Subway spokesman and child sex offender Jared Fogle was allegedly beaten in prison by a 60-year-old fellow inmate
A knuckle sandwich for the disgraced former Subway pitchman.

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A knuckle sandwich for the disgraced former Subway pitchman. 

The public has been aching to rake Jared Fogle over the coals since his conviction last fall for child pornography distribution and for soliciting child prostitution. But it looks like one inmate has beaten us to the punch, literally.

Fogle, the ex-Subway spokesman who became famous after his significant weight loss, has allegedly been beaten and bloodied by a fellow inmate in prison.

According to an anonymous insider report by TMZ, an inmate named Steven Nigg recently pushed Fogle down in the prison yard and landed several punches on his face. Fogle ended up with a bloody nose and several cuts and bruises, while his 60-year-old opponent ended up with a small cut on his arm. Nigg was put in solitary confinement as punishment for the altercation, according to the report.

TMZ reportedly reached out to Nigg’s family who said they weren’t surprised. Nigg had been frustrated that so many child sex predators were housed in the low-security prison outside Denver.


Fogle is currently serving his first year of a 15 years-plus prison sentence for his crimes. He will be on a sex offender list for the rest of his life. Earlier reports claimed that Fogle had gained 30 pounds in his first few months in prison, but according to Fogle’s lawyer, Ronald Elberger, these allegations are false. Elberger has not yet responded to the latest cell-side reports.