Sandra Lee to Undergo Second Breast Cancer-Related Surgery

Sandra Lee to Undergo Second Breast Cancer-Related Surgery

Lee will undergo surgery on Tuesday, August 11. 

On Tuesday, August 11, Sandra Lee is scheduled to undergo another surgery related to the Food Network celebrity’s breast cancer diagnosis, which she revealed in May during an episode of Good Morning America.

Lee subsequently had a bilateral mastectomy, and her longtime partner, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, announced that he would take some time away from public office to support her. 

Last week, a representative for Lee confirmed that she had been unexpectedly hospitalized for “an infection post-mastectomy,” and that the stay was expected to last a few days.

Then, in a Facebook post published Monday, August 10, Lee announced that she would go back into surgery, despite her efforts to avoid another procedure.

“Andrew and I have decided that tomorrow I will go back into surgery,” Lee wrote in a message to the public “I did my very best to avoid this (when I tell you I did everything, I mean everything — modern, Eastern and holistic) but infection is an incredible monster. I am a long way from where I was and a long way from where I need to be, but at this point I understand that right now I just need to complete this unexpected phase of a tough journey.

“Although this is not a game — and not to diminish or disrespect this process — I think about it like a tennis match, as tennis is my favorite sport.


“Right now the ball is in my court and it's time for a mean backhand — and I am taking that shot (And just so you know I DO, in fact, have one mean backhand on the tennis court! It's actually stronger than my forehand - solid, swift and accurate). So my plan for tomorrow is game, set, match!”