The Rumors Are True: We Now Have Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts


It’s about time someone put bacon in Pop-Tarts.

Thankfully, the social media rumors are true. Remember your childhood when Pop-Tarts only got as fancy as the s’mores or strawberry flavor? Well, Pop-Tarts just announced some new products and they seem to be thinking outside the toaster.New varieties include the tart and summery Watermelon and Pink Lemonade flavors; decadent Chocolatey Caramel; and most importantly, the Maple Bacon flavor. Yes, that’s right: They put bacon in Pop-Tarts, and the world may never be the same.

The maple bacon flavor is described as having a “maple and bacon flavored filling in a golden crust, topped with sweet white frosting and salty, smoky flavored crunchlets.” You can expect it in stores, along with Watermelon and Chocolatey Caramel, by mid-December. Pink lemonade will follow in spring 2016, and “printed fun” Pop-Tarts (classic fillings with cartoons printed on the frosting), will also be released in early 2016.


“Pop-Tart fans are crazy about the brand and they love the wide variety of our lineup,” Aleta Chase, director of Pop-Tart brand marketing.  “We try to reward that devotion by regularly adding fun new flavors and limited editions.”