Roberta’s Pizza Allegedly Owes $480,000 in Unpaid Taxes

The pizzeria might not be paying all of their taxes, according to a list released by the Department of Taxation and Finance

Roberta's Pizza is allegedly not paying some of their taxes.

The famous Brooklyn pizzeria Roberta’s Pizza may be $480,000 short on taxes.

Gothamist reports that the New York state Department of Taxation and Finance released a list of 250 businesses of delinquent taxpayers this month. A company called Nineteen Twenty Four Inc. owes a total of $479,724.14, and can be traced back to 271 Moore Street.

Roberta’s is located at 261 Moore Street, but the other address is allegedly registered as the pizza shop. A spokesperson told Gothamist that Nineteen Twenty Four Inc. has two warrants outstanding for corporate tax and sales tax.

Roberta’s is not a stranger to legal trouble. Earlier this year, there was a lawsuit between the former and current owners of the pizzeria. In addition, in July, a worker filed a complaint against the shop, alleging that he was not paid for working overtime.


Gothamist also reports that some other restaurants made the Department of Taxation’s delinquent list, including Hahm Ji Bach in Flushing, Queens; Strip House in Manhattan; and Tatiana in Brooklyn.