Robbers Swipe Over 230 Pints Of Ice Cream At A Duane Reade In New York City

New York City thieves raided a Duane Reade store in Tribeca and stole more than 230 pints of ice cream on October 9.

The ice cream robbers entered the pharmacy on Broadway near Duane St. before 5 p.m. and stuffed 226 pints of 14-ounce Häagen-Dazs and six 16-ounce tubs of Delish ice creams in their backpacks, according to New York Daily News.

The losses in ice cream are estimated to cost more than $1,300. Duane Reade employees did not disclose what flavors were stolen.

Over the summer, thieves stole more than $1,100 worth of ice cream cones, ice pops, and toppings from several trucks parked at the Waterfront District in Brooklyn. Just last week, thieves in Scotland were involved in a Kellogg's cereal bar heist worth $70,000.

While we wonder whether or not the perishable item melted, we're more curious as to why anyone would want so much ice cream.