McD Food

Wikimedia Commons / TeaLaiumens / CC BY-SA 4.0

This Restaurant at the Olympic Village Has Lines Out the Door All Day, Every Day

World-class athletes are lovin’ the golden arches
McD Food

Wikimedia Commons / TeaLaiumens / CC BY-SA 4.0

In an attempt to speed up the long line, McDonald’s has capped the number of items that a single person can order to 20.

The most popular eatery at the Olympic Village isn’t some all-natural, organic, superfood juice shop serving booster shots, but a fast-food restaurant known around the world: McDonald’s.

“The one constant in the Olympic Village… is that there will be a line out the door of the McDonald’s,” detailed The Washington Post. “Morning and night, in blazing sun or stiff wind, come stray bullet or whiff of sewage, the Olympians will be waiting for their fries.”

Though the choice may seem surprising for many, as McDonald’s hardly seems like the ideal fuel for athletes competing to prove that they are the best in the world, there are reportedly few alternatives.

A cafeteria, which sounds appealing in theory, is extremely crowded at peak times, and “trying to figure out in a babel of languages what is being served can make for a frenzied meal,” the Post continued.

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McDonald’s is the only fast-food establishment in the Olympic Village, and it’s free for athletes. The line has gotten so out of hand that, as of this week, the restaurant is enforcing a 20-item limit per person to help speed up the process. Additional items will cause an order to drop in priority.