Report: Americans Love Chick-fil-A, Chipotle Takes a Tumble

The new report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index on the fast food industry shows America’s changing opinions

Americans love more than just those delicious chicken sandwiches.

Even in the increasingly health-conscious America we find ourselves in, fast food chains are still receiving high marks for customer service.

Every year, the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) releases a report on America’s favorability towards customer service across many different companies. While internet and cable companies frequently score low, fast food chains are often recipients of favorable opinions. This year, overall favorability rose from 77 percent to 79 percent, per the report.

This year, Chick-fil-A retained the top spot in the ranking. It only debuted last year, and this year improved their rating by one point, raising it from 86 to 87 percent. The chain is famously closed on Sundays in observance of Christian tradition.

Chipotle, however, will not find the new report so welcoming. Last year it, too, debuted with a favorability rating of 83 percent—good enough for second place. However, since then it has dealt with an E. coli outbreak, numerous restaurant closures, and accusations of board members tampering with the stock. That went over like a lead balloon to the public—Chipotle’s numbers took the biggest hit of anyone, falling from 83 percent to 78 percent, below the industry average.


The chain can at least take comfort in not being McDonald’s. The fast-food giant whose locations span the globe (as one blogger has notably experienced) came in last place for the seventh consecutive year. It almost takes talent to be that poor in the customer service department. This year, the chain could not even muster a C-level grade, earning just 69 percent.