Raisins Deemed A 'Healthy Snack' By The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court ruled on June 22 that raisins are a healthy snack, according to Politico.

In the case of Horne v. Department of Agriculture, Chief Justice John Roberts ruled in favor of Horne, saying that raisins are exempt from the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937. AMAA was enacted to protect farmers from a fine, allowing them to sell their crops at below-market prices. The fine applies to "handlers," those who process and package the crops.

Marvin and Laura Horne are raisin farmers in California who created their own system to sell their product without handlers to avoid the AMAA. Roberts said that the government had not issued "just compensation" for confiscating farmers' raisins and had fined the Horne family nearly $700,000 for not participating in the program.

Some statements made while deliberating the decision included, "Raisins are not like oysters," and "Raisins are not dangerous pesticides."

Raisins have always suffered from misconceptions about their nutritional value because they contain a lot of sugar, but some studies have shown that raisins can lower blood pressure. It's still a debated topic, but if the Supreme Court declares raisins to be healthy, we'll take their word for it.