Queens Noodle Powerhouse Mu Ramen is Looking for an Executive Sous Chef

The ramen dream team is looking for a sous chef
Queens Noodle Powerhouse Mu Ramen is Looking for an Executive Sous Chef
Facebook/Mu Ramen

If you think you’re the ramen rock star for the gig, there’s no time to lose. 

Mu Ramen, the little Long Island City pop-up that finally reopened in December in a bigger and more permanent space to accommodate the literal thousands of people eager to try the Smooklers’ well-loved ramen, is now looking for an executive sous chef, according to a post on Mu Ramen’s Facebook page.

The brief ad reads: “Looking for an Executive Sous Chef. If you know anyone that is looking or if you are interested, please email your resume to HarlanEstate@gmail.com. Hoping to find someone that is a rock star! Thanks, smile emoticon.”

Mu Ramen’s hiring spree of sorts has been ongoing since the Smooklers opened shop in December, posting on Facebook that they were always looking for talented cooks for “a very lively and social setting.” Last week, the restaurant followed up with the announcement that it was hiring a hostess.

In the brief time since Mu Ramen has been open, it’s been pretty much showered with praise from ramen lovers everywhere, so we’ll assume that the executive sous chef position won’t be open very long. If you think you’re right for the job, brush up your résumé right now.   

1209 Jackson Ave (btwn 47th Rd & 48th Ave)
Queens, NY 11101
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