Proposed New York City Bill Would Require Healthier Fast Food Kids' Meals

In an effort to curb childhood obesity, New York City will be proposing a new bill that would require fast food chains to have healthier kids' meals.If the bill is approved, any meal that comes with a toy will have fewer calories from sodium and fat, as well as fewer calories overall. Under the "Healthy Happy Meals" bill, each kids' meal would come with a serving of fruit and vegetables.

To prove their point, legislators consulted researchers at New York University's Langone Medical Center to assess the effects healthier kids' meals would have on New York City's youth. The results? On average, kids consume 600 calories at fast food restaurants in one sitting, with 36 percent of those calories coming from fat. With the bill, children would consume on average 9 percent fewer calories and 10 percent fewer calories from fat. 

"It's a rather small amount in comparison to how bad the country's obesity problem really is," NYU Langone Medical Center's Marie Bragg told Fox News. "We're at a point where we have to move the needle and we have to do it with policies like this."