Burger King

Pranksters Trick Burger King Employees Into Smashing Windows of the Restaurant

Call informed employees of a fake gas leak and said the windows needed to be broken for ventilation

A hoax phone call to a Morro Bay, California, Burger King resulted in $35,000 worth of damage and several broken windows, all inflicted by Burger King employees, reports the New York Daily News. It was not the work of disgruntled employees but rather victims of a prank call gone too far.

A release from the Morro Bay Police Department details that a prank caller impersonated a representative from the Fire Department indicating a supposed gas leak, and that the restaurant’s windows needed to be broken for ventilation. The employees complied; however, when the police and fire department arrived at the scene, all they found was property damage and no gas leak.

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The release reads, “The City wants to make clear the Fire Department would generally not call a business directly to warn of such an issue. Recorded calls through a ‘Reverse 911’ system may be sent area-wide to notify residents and businesses of major emergencies,” however. The investigation is still ongoing and the police have no suspects thus far.