This Popular British Candy Is Coming to America

British Maltesers from Mars Candy are officially coming to the United States in January 2017

Are British sweets really better than American ones? Let’s find out.

Maltesers are coming to America. For decades, the UK has had a chocolate chip on its shoulder over the quality of British sweets over American candies. There was even serious outcry over the decreased quality of now-American-owned British Cadbury crème eggs last year.

The Mars-owned British Maltesers  will be available in the United States starting January 2017, Brand Eating reported.These chocolate-covered malted ball candies may be similar to Hershey’s Whoppers, but confectionary fans will note the texture and taste differences.

Maltesers will be available in 1.3-ounce singles ($1.09–$1.39), 3-ounce theater boxes ($1–$1.70), 3.52-ounce bags, 14.5-ounce tubs ($4.99–$5.99), and 31.1-ounce tubs ($9.48–$9.99).


Maltesers are already available online and in select movie theaters, but they will arrive on grocery and convenience store shelves after New Year’s.