Police Use Social Media to Bust Detroit Gang Whose Headquarters Was a Burger King

Around 2011, Band Crew met at a Burger King in Detroit and made the fast food restaurant its unofficial home
Police Use Social Media to Bust Detroit Gang Whose Headquarters Was a Burger King

The Detroit Burger King was the site of several of the gang’s criminal activities, including the sale of drugs.

A violent gang made up of young men from Detroit, known as the Band Crew, was brought down by their collective love of social media — namely, the endless bragging about their criminal exploits across Facebook and Twitter.

The group reportedly made their gang status official during a meeting at a Detroit Burger King in 2011, according to a lengthy indictment from the U.S. Justice Department.

A widespread collaborative of several smaller gangs including Young N Crispy and Constantly Making Hundreds, Band Crew subsequently made the Burger King its unofficial headquarters. Outside the fast food restaurant, Band Crew regularly sold drugs and conducted other illicit affairs.

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Now, police have taken eight of Band Crew’s most social-media-dependent members into custody; all were confirmed to have engaged in criminal activity because they posted proof of their crimes — like selling drugs, owning weapons, and attempting murder — on Facebook or Twitter. All eight are between the ages of 18 and 22 and face charges related to racketeering and possession of weapons.