This kindhearted cop went above and beyond the call of duty.

Credit: Chelle Cates Photography

Police Officer Has Tea Party With Toddler He Saved From Choking

Dallas police officer sits down for tea with a toddler, whom he had saved from choking on a penny the year before

One year ago exactly was the most terrifying day of the Norvell family’s lives. Their little daughter, Bexley, had turned blue after an afternoon of swimming. Bexley’s mom, Tammy, panicked and called 911. Cpl. Patrick Ray of the Rowlett Police Department in Rowlett, Texas, soon answered the call and managed to dislodge a penny that the child had swallowed. She was soon perfectly fine.

On the one-year anniversary of Ray saving their child’s life, the Norvell family planned a tea party and photoshoot for the two, who now have a special bond.  So the big police officer squeezed himself into a pint-sized chair to have make-believe tea with a toddler. During their teatime, Ray also taught Bexley the proper way to eat an Oreo, with the classic twist-and-lick method.

“I wanted to make this a positive day for her," Tammy told Inside Edition. "We talk about it pretty often. My daughter will always know that she was saved by officer P-Ray,” she said, affectionately referring to the community’s nickname for Ray.

Although Ray is a busy officer, he said he was happy to take time out of his schedule for the tiny soirée.

“I don’t have any girls myself… And this was something I couldn’t resist. I just couldn’t say no,” he said. 

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