Police Caught Runaway ‘Affluenza Teen’ and His Mom After They Ordered Domino’s Pizza

The ‘affluenza teen’ fugitive, who was put on probation after a fatal hit and run was caught by authorities after ordering pizza

He may have been on the run from the law, but he couldn’t resist the call of pizza.

Ethan Couch, the much-maligned wealthy adolescent afflicted with “affluenza,” had been on probation for more than a year when he and his mother were reported missing and on the run last week.They were apprehended in Mexico by police this week following a tip-off from, of all things, a call to Domino’s pizza, according to the Associated Press.

Couch, if you remember, was sent to rehab instead of thrown in jail in 2014 following a fatal hit and run in which he recklessly killed four people in a drunk-driving incident. His lawyer at the time had argued that the wealthy 16-year-old was too spoiled to understand right from wrong and coined the phrase “affluenza.”


After video surfaced last week of Couch playing beer pong, a violation of his probation, he and his mother were reported missing. The two traveled to Mexico to avoid extradition and were caught after using one of their cell phones to order Domino’s pizza. They are being held in Guadalajara until authorities can transfer them over the border to Texas.