Play This Ingredient-Guessing Game And Chipotle Will Award You With A Free Burrito

Chipotle wants to test how well you know what ingredients are in their food — and the food of their competitors — in a new game called Friend or Faux?

The objective is to guess whether an ingredient is found in the food at Chipotle, another fast food chain, or both restaurants. Once you get through the 20 questions, you are eligible to receive a buy-one-get-one-free coupon to redeem at the fast-casual chain. You can even enter to win free Chipotle for two for a whole year.

To play, choose a menu item from Chipotle and an item from another chain — a "crunchy vortex taco," "tuck it all tastepouch," or "hunka hunka chickenwich," for example. Then, a list of ingredients will drop down, and you'll guess whether each one is found in a menu item from Chipotle or another fast food chain.

The ingredients are either "friend" or "faux." Friendly ingredients are ones that are found in a farmers market or grocery store and faux ingredients are artificial ingredients.

Before playing, you can study the ingredients in each menu item to make sure you get everything right. The Friend or Faux site even breaks down how many of the ingredients are artificial.

Chipotle is the first chain to go completely GMO-free.