Planters Wants You To Yell 'I Love Nuts!' At A Vending Machine

In what situation could you find yourself shouting "I love nuts!" at an inanimate object? Planters wants New Yorkers to yell that exact phrase at a vending machine for free peanuts and cashews.

Awkward double entrendres aside, Planters' new marketing gimmick has set up a "live" vending machine called the Planters NUTmobile that looks exactly like a life-sized can of Planters. All you have to do, if you see the NUTmobile around New York, is shout "I love nuts!" at it — just like University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh did here . (Sorry, inappropriate jokes probably won't get you the goods.)

It appears from the footage that you'll have to shout really loud to get the vending machine's attention. It is attached to a decibel meter, after all. The louder you shout, the bigger your handful of nuts. So don't be shy!