Is this a marketing ploy or a fraternity hazing gimmick?


Planters Wants You to Yell ‘I Love Nuts!’ at a Vending Machine

A new Planters marketing gimmick has New Yorkers shouting at a vending machine about how much they love nuts

In what situation could you find yourself shouting “I love nuts!” at an inanimate object? Planters wants New Yorkers to yell that exact phrase at a vending machine for free peanuts and cashews.

Awkward double entrendres aside, Planters’ new marketing gimmick has set up a “live” vending machine called the Planters NUTmobile that looks exactly like a life-sized can of Planters. All you have to do, if you see the NUTmobile around New York, is shout “I love nuts!” at it — just like University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh did here . (Sorry, inappropriate jokes probably won’t get you the goods.)

It appears from the footage that you’ll have to shout really loud to get the vending machine’s attention. It is attached to a decibel meter, after all. The louder you shout, the bigger your handful of nuts. So don’t be shy!

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