This Pizzeria Broke the Record for ‘World’s Cheesiest Pizza’

This Portland, Oregon, pizzeria topped their pie with a world record-breaking 101 types of cheese

Kinda takes “extra cheese” to a whole new level.

Is there such a thing in life as too much cheese? Scottie’s Pizza Parlor in Portland, Oregon, put that challenge to the test by creating the world’s cheesiest pizza (seriously — it broke a world record), by topping their signature pie with 101 different types of cheese.

The "Centouno Formaggio" (Italian for “101 cheeses”) pie was actually inspired by the 99-cheese pizza featured in the 2014 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, according to KATU News, another pizzeria had already debuted a 99-cheese pizza, so Scottie’s had to step up their game. And thus the Guiness world record-breaking pizza was born. Cow-a-bunga, dude!

A slice of this ultra-cheesy pizza only costs $2, and includes house-made ricotta, a 55-cheese blend, 36 soft cheeses, nine grated dry cheeses, whole-milk mozzarella, and crispy baked Parmiggiano-Reggiano. The 101st cheese is the mozzarella stuffed into the crust.

“With the first bite, you don’t know what to expect, so you can almost mistake it for a regular slice,” owner Scottie Rivera told Fox News. “Then you chew a little more and you start to get a lot of character here: There’s things going on, it’s almost hard to place. It’s like a journey from the tip of the slice. It’s crazy and exciting to eat.”


The complete, very long list of cheeses can be found here. Unfortunately the record-breaking pie was only available for one day (after all, we can’t even begin to imagine the amount of labor that goes into making a pie of this magnitude).