Pizza Hut Sells Swag Now: Drape Yourself In Pizza Yoga Pants And Pepperoni Scarves

Pizza Hut doesn't just want to be your midnight connection for cheesy bites and meat lovers' pizza: They want to be your go-to shop for stylish pizza-themed fashion. Due to popular demand, Pizza Hut has announced a digital swag store selling pizza-themed clothes, accessories, skateboards, and more. You can head on over to to check it out yourself.

Most of the clothes and accessories come in a chic shade of black with catchy phrases like "Stay Cheesy," "Devoted to Pizza," and "Pizza is Bae." There are even black and white tribal leggings adorned with subtle designs of pizza slices. Get your Devoted to Pizza t-shirt for just $15.99, or a Pizza is Bae hoodie for $34.99. The tribal leggings come at a hefty price, costing $49.99 a pair.

Also for sale is a not-so-subtle pizza scarf, bedding, socks, or Kanye-style "Pizza Vision Glasses." You can't actually see out of these sweet shades, but who needs to see when your vision is filled with the design of a piping-hot Pizza Hut pie emblazoned on the front of the glasses?

Pizza Hut may think they're "totally bae," but one particular accessory for sale is bound to raise some eyebrows: a men's baseball cap that says "Take Off Your Toppings." So ratchet, Pizza Hut. Respect is cooler than cheesy accessories.