Pizza Hut China Celebrates Chinese New Year With Lobster-Topped Pizza

Who says you can't enjoy seafood on your pizza? Pizza Hut China's new offering is topped with half a lobster, shell and all, according to Brand Eating. It also features bacon, mushrooms, asparagus, red bell peppers, and a drizzle of shrimp and lobster sauce. If lobster-topped pizza isn't your thing, the chain also offers a pasta option which is also topped with the half lobster.

Trend Hunter says the seafood-inspired pizza celebrates Chinese New Year and demonstrates a growing consumer demand for alternative pizza toppings. Brand Eating points out that despite the 'wow' factor of the pizza, having half of a shelled lobster on top of a pizza doesn't exactly scream convenient or even practical.

The lobster-topped menu items are available at Pizza Hut locations in Shanghai for 98 yuan (~14.90 US).