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The Pizza ATM Plans for Nationwide Expansion

The first shipment may go out this month

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The ATM can hold up to 70 12-inch pizzas.

Students and faculty at Xavier University in Cincinnati were some of the first to experience late-night pizza runs at the university Pizza ATM. Now, the school and Paline, the French company that helped create the vending machine, are ready to take their services nationwide.

Twenty colleges and businesses in the United States and Canada have expressed interest in purchasing their own Pizza ATMs, WCPO reported.

"We purposely pushed back (distribution) for everybody," Alec Verlin, Pizza ATM’s product representative, told WCPO. "We were not prepared [for] that volume of inquiries."

Since the vending machine debuted last summer, the university has received hundreds of inquiries to “utilize the same technology and machine,” said Jennifer Paiotti, marketing director of the school's auxiliary services.


Some of the Pizza ATM features include error detection and web cam monitoring; real-time alerts for inventory, sales, receipts, and more; and the option to display marketing items such as videos, slideshows, and photos, according to the company’s website