Pittsburgh Pirates to Sell Hot Dog Topped With Cracker Jacks and Macaroni and Cheese

The craziest stadium eats award this year goes to the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Cracker Jack & Mac dog topped with caramel sauce

Nobody asked for the Cracker Jack & Mac Dog, but it looks like we got it anyway.

Baseball opening day is on the horizon and so is this year’s selection of out-there stadium eats. Earlier this week, we introduced you to the Atlanta Braves’ double-decker burger pizza. But the Pittsburgh Pirates PNC Park may have come out with a snack that’s even wilder: the Cracker Jack & Mac Dog.

The bizarre stadium treat a hot dog topped with Cracker Jacks, macaroni and cheese, jalapeños, and caramel sauce, according to AOL.

If you’re thinking, “gee that sounds like someone just boiled a hot dog and threw a bunch of random junk food on top,” you’d be correct. Slapping macaroni and cheese on top of a hot dog would be one thing (after all, we did survive the mac and cheese bread cone), but combined with the sugary Cracker Jacks and ooey-gooey caramel sauce? This doesn’t even sound real.

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Stay tuned next week when The Daily Meal reveals what the New York Mets have to offer this year at Citi Field: We’re holding out for deep-fried cotton candy pizza.