This Pill Could Allow People with Gluten Sensitivities to Eat Bread and Pasta Again

Because let’s face it, carbs make everything better
A Pill for Celiac Disease?


This gluten pill could be the solution for people with celiac disease to eat pizza and drink beer again.

Just as people sensitive to dairy can find relief with a Lactaid tablet, sufferers of celiac disease or gluten sensitivities may soon be able to take a pill that would allow them to eat gluten.

Professors at the University of Alberta in Canada have spent the last 10 years developing a pill to combat gluten allergies. They are expected to begin efficacy clinical trials next year, according to CBC News.

Hoon Sunwoo, one of the professors on the team, explained to CBC News why he wanted to create this pill in the first place. “My friend is celiac,” Sunwoo said. “We haven't had any entertaining with beers. So, that's why I develop this pill — for my friend.”

The pill uses egg yolk antibodies that coat the gluten, which allows it to pass through the body without any digestive problems, intestinal damage, or headaches. It is meant to be taken five minutes before eating or drinking.

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