Perdue Foods Will Introduce More Humane Living Conditions for Its Chickens

The announcement is a pivot to appease Millennials who care about the quality of life their chickens have had

The changes should also help chickens taste better.

Animal rights activists have scored a massive victory in the food industry: Perdue Foods is about to completely change the treatment of its chickens from egg to plate.

It doesn’t seem like Perdue planned on making wholesale changes; instead, its hand was forced by its consumer base, which is increasingly made up of millennials who want to know more about their food.

Perdue noticed a rising tide of comments and concerns about the quality of its chickens’ lives. As a result, the company will retrofit its chicken houses with windows to provide light (yes, this means that the chickens previously spent their entire lives in the dark). They will also put birds to sleep before slaughtering them amid a host of other encouraging changes.

The news is fantastic for those consumers who care about the lives of their chickens. From what it seems, Perdue is making real changes and genuinely wants to improve the quality of life. The fact that it won’t cost the company much and will help it cater to the younger generations of consumers certainly played into its motivation.

Plus, Chairman Jim Perdue notes that chickens that can move around are more tender and taste better: “That this product is going to be a superior product for consumers, to me, that’s the most important thing.”


Perdue chickens will live happier lives, taste better to the consumer, and won’t force Perdue to raise costs. Sounds like a win-win-win. If only other companies would abandon horrible practices and follow suit.