'Papa's Lighter Choices': A Healthier Take On Pizza At Papa John's

Now that Papa John's has pledged to remove artificial ingredients and preservatives from its menu, the company is coming out with a slew of lighter options for those who want to enjoy pizza without the guilt, according to a press release.

The lighter pizza varieties include Mediterranean veggie, chicken and veggie, grilled chicken and Canadian bacon, tropical luau, and Hawaiian chicken.

Papa John's is also adding a nutritional calculator online so customers can see exactly how many calories they're consuming. When creating an order, customers can use the meal builder to add or take away ingredients based on preference and calorie count.

Bob Kraut, the chief marketing officer at Papa John's, explained that this is a new concept that should appeal to people who want to eat lighter pizzas. "You won't find any processed, low-calorie ingredients, because our Papa's Lighter Choices menu items are made from the same better ingredients our customers expect from us," Kraut said.

There are no exact nutritional facts for these pizzas yet, but Papa John's CEO John Schnatter has said that pizza is good for you. We'll just assume this new lighter line is the superfood of pizzas.