Papa John’s Owner in the Bronx in Custody for Alleged Wage Theft

The owner of nine franchises is accused of not paying his employees and avoiding paying overtime
Papa John’s Wage Theft

Papa John's franchise owner Abdul Jamil Khokhar is in custody for alleged theft wages from his Bronx employees.

A Papa John’s franchise owner in the Bronx is in custody for alleged wage theft, according to Crain’s New York.

Abdul Jamil Khokhar is the owner of nine Papa John’s restaurants. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office told Crain’s that Khokhar turned himself in to authorities on July 15.

Khokhar allegedly paid some of his employees wages below minimum wage and tried to avoid paying them overtime. He also falsified business records. The criminal charges are expected to be filed this afternoon.

Schneiderman’s office told Crain’s that this is their first criminal case against a fast food franchise owner over alleged wage theft.

Back in March, a Papa John’s in Harlem got into trouble for underpaying delivery workers at five restaurants, according to CBS. The owner of these stores violated state labor laws and underpaid minimum and overtime wages. The month before, Papa John's owners in Brooklyn and Queens had to pay Schneiderman $800,000 in a lawsuit for wage theft and not compensating overtime.


We have reached out Papa John’s for comment and have not heard back yet.