Panera Manager Caught Knocking Out Unruly Female Employee On Camera

A shocking and somewhat disturbing video has surfaced of a male Panera manager knocking out a female employee who was becoming unruly as she quit in the middle of a shift. The cell phone footage was shot by a customer at the Park Avenue and 23rd Street location in New York City.

The altercation took place on July 8 in the middle of the afternoon, and began as a woman quit and then began throwing chips onto the ground. Witnesses say that the employee was "threatening to turn up in this b**ch" and slapped her male employer.As the video starts, you can clearly see the larger man punching the 5-foot-2-inch female employee and throwing her to the ground. The tipster who sent the video in to Gawker said that she was "bleeding a little and had cuts on her hands."

Both employees have since been terminated from their positions at Panera.

"Today there were reports of a physical altercation between two associates at our Park Avenue South bakery–café," said a Panera spokesperson in a statement. "We have a zero tolerance policy for violence and worked swiftly with authorities to investigate."