Panda Express Swaps Eggs for Corn in Fried Rice Due to Egg Shortage

Panda Express is one of several restaurants feeling the effects of bird-flu-tainted eggs
Panda’s Eggless Fried Rice

Panda Express has replaced corn with their eggs in the fried rice.

While we’re still mourning over the temporary loss of frozen custard at Rita’s because of the bird flu that has caused an egg shortage in America, CBS San Francisco reports that Panda Express has stopped using eggs in their fried rice and will remove hot and sour soup from the menu for the time being.

Panda Express is substituting corn in place of the missing eggs. The switch happened on June 25, when the price of liquid eggs increased once the shortage started.

A spokesperson from Panda Express told CBS: “We have been informed by suppliers that the egg shortage will last between 18 and 24 months. Egg prices have definitely increase [sic] for those who are able to purchase them. In our case, the number of suppliers from whom we can purchase liquid is extremely limited, which jeopardizes our ability to consistently purchase safe and reliable product.”


The spokesperson told CBS that this menu change could last up to two years.